Approximately half of showers are designed as inline installations, typically consisting of a door and a fixed panel spanning 4-6+ feet in a straight line, enclosing either your shower or bathtub. Inline showers can be configured with 2 or 3 sections, depending on your bathroom layout. During bathroom remodeling, it’s crucial to grasp the superiority of custom glass shower doors over other options. Given that the bathroom is a highly customizable space where you spend more time than you may realize, custom shower doors offer the flexibility to match any desired look or tone. The advantages of a glass shower enclosure extend to easy maintenance, requiring regular cleaning of the glass surface. It’s recommended to keep a squeegee in the shower for wiping down the glass after each use, preventing the formation of soap scum.
Corner showers with a 90-degree angle are widely favored, especially in spacious ensuites. In this style, the 90° return panel can extend from floor to ceiling or be positioned on a half wall, next to a bathtub or vanity. Opting for custom 90-degree glass shower doors provides a range of choices, including frameless, semi-frameless, single, or double doors. These doors not only complement any desired aesthetic or functionality but also ensure long-lasting beauty and safety over the years.
Our sliding glass doors consist of two components: a fixed pane and a movable one. The fixed piece is anchored to the overhead rod, which bears the weight of the moving glass. The mobile glass features rollers that glide smoothly along the overhead rod, facilitating easy opening and closing. The door guide at the bottom ensures the proper alignment of the door. Our standard Tub Slider typically spans between 54 and 62+ inches, but it can be adjusted to shorter or longer lengths as needed. A standard gap at the top is essential for proper installation.
True to its name, our Swing Door offers a straightforward and uncomplicated solution. The door comprises two hinges, enabling it to swing in both directions. Single doors, akin to inline showers but without the fixed piece, typically range from 20 to 32 inches in width. You can personalize the handle with various options, including upgrading to a doorknob or towel bar. Additionally, all our swing doors come equipped with a standard water sweep beneath the glass to guarantee a leak-free experience.
Various terms such as Neo Angle, Three Angle, or 45° are used interchangeably to describe a particular shower style. This configuration typically involves two stationary glass panels and a movable door positioned at the center. Neo Angle Showers are particularly popular in smaller bathrooms, maximizing the space within the shower while minimizing the footprint outside. Whether you’re aiming to conserve space in your bathroom or seeking an engaging and dynamic aesthetic, the neo angle shower enclosure could be the perfect solution. These enclosures boast three glass sides, enclosing two walls and fitting neatly into the corner of your bath. They come in both compact and expansive designs, catering to your specific needs and bringing your dream shower into your bathroom.
Have you ever questioned the presence of a window in a shower? Chances are, it’s because it’s a steam shower. While steam showers aren’t completely airtight, they’re crafted to retain the heat and mist within without relying on bulky frames. The design of the steam shower can vary depending on the project. The appealing advantages of a steam shower enclosure undoubtedly justify the cost, especially if you have a particular vision for your bathroom that you’re eager to bring to life.


The industry employs a standard standoff system for stairs, railings, and outdoor balconies, offering an unequivocal frameless floating appearance. Standoffs come in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to tailor your custom glass railing precisely to match your envisioned design.
Our recently introduced spigot system is a source of great pride for us. Spigots offer the functionality of traditional posts but with a more streamlined design. This innovative design enhances the elegance of the glass railing, creating the illusion of a floating structure. Spigots find applications in various settings, including pool fences, decks, balconies, and even interior railings.
Post glass railings are available in both round and square designs. These posts are strategically installed between glass panels, providing essential support and securing the glass in position. While offering an industrial aesthetic, posts successfully maintain the inherent elegance associated with glass railings. The versatility of posts extends to their applicability in both commercial and residential projects, as they come in diverse styles, sizes, colors, and more.
Another alternative for glass railings is the base shoe. In this system, the base shoe sits flat, and the glass is inserted and secured within it. This robust base offers substantial support, anchoring the glass securely and preventing any movement. If you prefer a more framed appearance for your glass railing, the base shoe is undoubtedly the preferred choice.


Regardless of the scale or complexity of your project, 5-star Glass Industries can craft a precise reflection of your requirements in glass. For any commercial glass challenges you encounter, entrust them to us, and we are confident in delivering an innovative solution.